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Electronic Mail, or Email, is the most popular activity on the Internet. So popular, some people give you an address for free. Even if you already have an address, a free address is great if you're on the move. Sign up for another address here, or sign up for a dozen. We're not picky.

The Original FREE Email, with over six million members. High quality, easy to send images and attatchments.

Similar to Hotmail, with capability to retrieve the email from your email client.

Web-based, easy to use, and flexible.

Yahoo! Mail
FREE email by the Web's most popular directory. Also features an option to check your own POP mail account.

Sponsored by Excite, powered by WhoWhere, with a chat room option.

Web-based Email, also Powered by WhoWhere.

Quantum Leap NetCruiser Mail
A brand-new email service for your browser.

My Own Email
You can use it for email, email forwarding, chat, and you can choose your own domain name from a VERY long list of names.

Free lifetime email forwarding, with an autoresponder. This is great for anyone who changes email once in a while. Two thumbs up on this one.

The first free Email and Web page forwarding service, and you can choose your own domain name out of 18 different choices.

Web-based email OR forwarding, and you can choose from 300 different domain names.

Not web-based email, but you can use their FREE software
for email whether you have an Internet connection or not.

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