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Out of the many freebies you can find on the Web, it still amazes me that so many different places will give you free space to create a web site. Every one has a few different features, and some give you more features than others. Choose one of these places for your web page, or all of them. It's FREE!

Free Yellow Free 5-page commercial web site, an email forwarding address, and an email autoresponder! Not too bad. Get it HERE

Geocities 11MB of space, free email address, too. Great features. Without a doubt one of the largest providers of FREE web sites. Check it out for yourself.

HyperMart 10 MB of space, Your own cgi-bin, and a lot of other great features. Warning: FTP and Microsoft Frontpage access only. If you don't have either, You're outta luck.

Fortune City 10MB of space, FTP and online editors for access.

Tripod 11MB to start off with, forms, chat rooms, and good online page editors.

Xoom 5MB of space, a FREE library of 75,000 images, FTP and online support.

WBS This site is mainly a chat site, serving thousands of people daily. However, they do give you your own mailbox and 100K of space. Not bad.

Focus-Asia A Singapore-based homepage provider. Good tech support, you can page or fax anyone FREE in Singapore (and coming soon, all of Asia), and is rumored to have better online editors than even Geocities. Interesting. Try it out!

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