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Anyone who has a web site wants their site to have a steady flow of visitors. What good is the best web site in the world if no one ever sees it? Of course, that's why we have search engines. If you have your site listed on a search engine or directory, you stand a much better chance of getting visitors. There are two ways you can get yourself listed on search engines by yourself:

Hand Submitting
Hand submitting, or submitting the site manually, is a very accurate way of registering your site. You will almost always get a better listing because YOU are choosing the category that your site will be under, and that means your site is right where you want people to find it. This is a bit time consuming, but it's worth it. An extra 5 minutes spent on promotion could mean an extra 50 visitors! You can boost your traffic by promoting directly to 10 of the top engines HERE.

Mass Submitting
Mass submission programs generally ask a bit of basic information about your site, and then submit it to a few hundred search engines and directories, saving you a lot of work. However, sometimes your submission may not end up where you want, and you may not be listed at all. Besides the largest search engines, though, you can submit to many smaller sites, which often produces a bit of extra traffic to your site.

You can use several mass submission programs, and promote to 800 sites HERE.

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