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1997, 1998 David Handlos Crosslinkz: Free Email
Free Email

One of the biggest things these days is FREE Email.
First there were two or three providers, and now all the major search engines
have their own free email! I can't keep up with it all. Here are the best ones I've found so far,
and if you know of one I've missed, Contact Me.

Quantum Leap NetCruiser Mail
A brand-new email service for your browser. Don't know much about it, but it's FREE!

The Original FREE Email, and has GREAT features.
Sometimes loads a little slow, but it's worth it. Get it now!

Not as many features as Hotmail, but usually loads quicker.

Yahoo! Mail
FREE email by the Web's most popular directory.
Also features an option to check your own POP mail account.

Sponsored by Excite, powered by WhoWhere, with a chat room option.

Web-based Email, also Powered by WhoWhere.

My Own Email
You can use it for email, email forwarding, chat,
and you can choose your own domain name from a VERY long list of names.

Free lifetime email forwarding, with an autoresponder.
This is great for anyone who changes email once in a while.
Two thumbs up on this one.

The first free Email and Web page forwarding service,
and you can choose your own domain name out of 18 different choices.

Web-based email OR forwarding, and you can choose from
300 different domain names.

Not web-based email, but you can use their FREE software
for email whether you have an Internet connection or not.

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1997, 1998 David Handlos Crosslinkz: FREE Web Sites
FREE Web Sites

Out of the many freebies you can find on the Web,
it still amazes me that so many different places will give you free space to create a web site.
Every one has a few different features, and some give you more features than others.
Choose one of these places for your web page, or all of them. It's FREE!

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Free Yellow
Free 5-page commercial web site, an email forwarding address,
and an email autoresponder! Not too bad. Get it HERE

2MB of space, free email address, too. Great features.
Without a doubt one of the largest providers of FREE web sites.
Check it out for yourself.

10 MB of space, Your own cgi-bin, and a lot of other great features.
Warning: FTP and Microsoft Frontpage access only. If you don't have either,
You're outta luck.

Fortune City
10MB of space, FTP and online editors for access.

5MB to start off with, forms, chat rooms,
and good online page editors.

5MB of space, a FREE library of 75,000 images, FTP and online support.

This site is mainly a chat site, serving thousands of people daily.
However, they do give you your own mailbox and 100K of space. Not bad.

A Singapore-based homepage provider. Good tech support, you can page or fax anyone FREE
in Singapore (and coming soon, all of Asia), and is rumored to have better online editors
than even Geocities. Interesting. Try it out!

Want even more FREE web space? Check out Freaky Freddy's Funhouse
Possibly the largest catalog of FREE web space on the Web.

1997, 1998 David Handlos
FREE Stuff Crosslinkz: Free Stuff

Enhance your site here!

Win an award for your site, or create your own award!

Free graphics
Sites and galleries with graphics to add to your site!

Free Email
FREE email, web-based and forwarding.

Free Web Sites
FREE web sites, 2MB of space or more.

Free Links Pages
27 links pages to promote your site to!

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LinkExchange Member
Crosslinkz: Free Graphics!
Crosslinkz: Free Graphics

Graphics will go a long way in helping improve the image of your page.
Check out these sites for a variety of graphics, buttons, lines, and icons.
Some sites will even create a free graphic for you, so check them out!

NEW! Graphic Brewer [ free graphics and bar exchange ]
A new concept in banner exchanges - the bar exchange. 1:1
ratio, GIF or JPG, several graphics at once.

AMi Free Banner Design
AMi Web Design now designs professional FREE animated/static banners
for anybody who wants one. All you have to do is email us your

Graphics by Susie
Free border background sets complete with accessories, in a variety of themes. Free for a link back!

Animation Shack
This site is packed with free collections of animated gifs found on
the Internet for use on web pages!

Andy's Art Attack!
Great place for bullets, lines, or whatever. Come here first.
Andy's Free Section is a little small, but one of the best.

Visual Stimuli
Find free high-quality animated gifs and backgrounds here! Don't let your page be an eyesore on the Web!
Note: This site was made for Netscape browsers with ethernet connections.

Art, Stories, Links and Fun
Visit here for free backgrounds, art, photos, cool links, java chat and much more.

Kiyotei's Den
An online art gallery with poetry, artwork, collaborative works and graphic resources.
Also contains a section to download freebies.

Free Custom 3D Logos by Grazia
Grazia will make you a FREE 3-D logo, and just requests a link!

Randy's Custom Graphics
Free custom buttons, lines, and graphics, drawn for you!

100,000 plus free Graphics
Frenzy software, guestbooks, web tools, and FREE GRAPHICS!

Free Graphics, Icons, and Clip Art
A free site full of well organized icons and clip art for your
web pages.

Free Icons
Free Buttons, Bars, etc...Whatever you are looking for, for your
web page.

Welcome to ABC Icons!
If you don't see what you want, let us locate if for you!

A+ Art
Free Clipart, Icons, Backgrounds, Buttons, Bars, Animate gifs,
and more! The Largest Collection of Free Clipart for all you

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1997, 1998 David Handlos Crosslinkz: Free For All Links
Crosslinkz: Free For All Links
Add to any or all of these link pages!

Mike's Home On The Net
Free for all links pages, some hard to find search engines, more.

Bill's Excellent Links!
The Best of the Web. Selected sites in a 98% text frameless
format. Something for everyone, from business to games to movies
and theatre.

Bill's FREE Links
This page holds 5500 links. Add to this one today!

Patriots Free For All Links Page
Pick which category fits the theme of your site, and link here!

Mega Linkage List
Over 1000++ Free Advertising Sites!

Link Here!

FREE Links Page
Add your link here, and visit the best search engines on the Web!

99 Best Free Links
Pick a category and add your link for FREE!

The ComTek Free Links Directory
Get your page noticed for FREE!

Get the Word Out
46 More Free Links Pges!

Free for all Links

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1997, 1998 David Handlos

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1997, 1998 David Handlos
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