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Freeware is a good way to help give your computer that little extra something. Like the name implies, it's free. So give it a try!

Math Exercises
A site for software to improve math scores.

A good freeware site, with links and downloads for 'ware on anything from Graphics to Internet utilities.

Freeware Java Search Engine
Freeware Java Applet for Download. With this applet your Site visitors can search at more then 40 engines all over the world

F7 Sound and Vision
A site built with various media services, that will let you download free sounds.

Netscape Communicator
The latest Netscape browser, with a few new features, and a great email client.

Internet Explorer 4.0
The latest browser from Microsoft is fast, and downloads files quickly.

One of the leading email providers, Juno is email software you can download for free, and have your own email account with or without Internet access.

A good file zip/unzip utility. What makes it even better is that, unlike WinZip, it's completely free.

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