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Registering your site manually is usually the most accurate way to get listed well in the search engines, but it can be very time consuming. Multi-submit sites speed up the submission process, many of them for free. However, some of them may not be terribly accurate, and some don't work at all. Each site is rated on ease of use, speed, and effectiveness. Find which site is best for you, and good luck with your promotion!
Submits to 90 different sites. The service is free, but compensation is appreciated. Enter your information, and their submission bot, Tooter, does the rest.

34 search engines to register to, very quick, easy to use.

Doesn't submit to search engines, but a ton of award sites to help boost your traffic. Highly recommended.

JimTool Free Site Submitter
Set up by Jim Wilson, head of VirtualPROMOTE, it automatically submits your site to 12 major search engines, and they show you your results afterwards.

Good service, submits to 25 sites for free.

Shock(TM) Submission Motor
This Java-powered submitter lets you add your site to 34 sites, either individually or all at once.

Submits to over 20 places. Has a good list of helpful links, as well.

Easy Submit
26 sites to submit to, easy to use. Note: will not work as well for old browsers.

One form for 45 popular sites, and the submission goes fairly quickly. Not all the links are functioning, but pretty accurate for the major sites.

The FREE version of Submit-It. The promotion is pretty generic, but the site has great web tools.

Free URL Submission
Submits to 24 search engines, with an option to download the script and create your own promotion site

Free Promotion:
Submit your site
Submits to 30 major sites. Free source code, so you can add a free URL submission page to your own site.

Efficient service, very quick. Email you the results. However, they don't update their links all too often. One-and-a-half rating so they'll try harder.

Submits to 21 places. Fair service, but uses sometimes confusing frames setup. Use at your own risk.

Doesn't submit to search engines, but free link pages. Includes a FREE trial that you can use once a week to submit to 10 different pages.

Launch-It!: FREE Launch
Submits to 20 search engines/directories. Note: Not a major contender. The links to the sites are rarely updated.

Similar to Shotgun, but promotes your site to only 10 sites.

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