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Web Tools

Even the greatest web sites can use a little tweaking. Web tools such as these help with search engine placement, HTML design, and programming help to make your site look its best.

META Tag Analyzer Checks your META tags, recommends changes, and shows you how your will look to the web site spiders.
Web Site Garage The garage runs a "check-up" on your site, about META tags, HTML design, and even has an image-compressing feature for your image files.
Bravenet Offers a great selection of services. Email forms, free mailing lists, even search engines!
FreeDrive Your own web-based hard drive. 7 Megs of space, easy uploading.
ListBot Free service to help you build a free mailing list for your site.
CyberLink Free URL redirection service for a shorter URL.
WebAlias Free URL redirection service for those long URLs.
Pre-Emptive Internet SpeedDial A search engine with a twist. Quick searches, "speed-dialing" to the desired location.
The GifOptimizer Free tool reduces image size up to 75%.
The HipBONE Co-Navigator Free service allowing users to connect and surf the web together.
CGI for Me Offers FREE CGI scripts for those who don't have cgi access.
Rank This! This online tool shows your ranking in the major search engines.
SiteOwner The FREE version of Submit-It. Great web tools. Test your image efficiency, find out who is linked to your site, and has a site promotion tool as well.

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